Saturday, June 8, 2013

Trio of Tops

The trio of tops began in a flurry of activity to get ready for Mother's Day.  Had the jacket, the geometric brocade, and  had the pants,  Vogue 2921 that I just finished.  I had cute out one top but realized I was too slow a sewer to get it done in time. Simplicity 1698  had been recently added and had a top that fit the bill.

A simple empire waist, cowl neck top it stitched up in just a couple of hours (and I'm slow).It's a looser fit than most of my knit tops, but very comfy and I really like the cowl neck.  I did sew up the side seams a little higher than indicated on pattern for my own comfort zone--would have left a lot of bra exposed.

The top intended for Mother's Day was another OOP, Simplicity 5595

I've made this before many moons ago for my daughter in other views, but this is the first time to sew one up for me.  Just a simple tank top, view E minus the ties in back.

The fabric is a cotton gauze with metallic finish from Joann's and is light as air; perfect for our muggy summers.  Instead of a neck facing and a turned under hem on the arms, I was able to squeeze out just enough fabric for bias bindings for them.  A much nicer finish I think.

The last of the trio is Simplicity 2181, a variety a twist tops.  I chose to do view C, the sleeveless version with the twist at the waist.  ( Very nice for helping to camouflage a tummy.)

The front has a facing covering the whole bust and a back facing.  I found the directions for attaching the two a little confusing and still not sure I did it "right" but it's done and looks good.  The armholes were the only change I made: using a bound edge instead of turning under and hemming.  I made a size 14 and the pattern states it has no ease.  I found this true in the bust area, but the tummy area is negative ease, probably due to my spreading middle age.  But I like the fit very well. 

So there you have it, a trio of quick tops for summer.  Hope your summer projects are going well.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Pants Update

One of my readers emailed me and reminded me that I've been remiss in posting.  Thank you for the re-focus.  I got so caught up in life and sewing I forgot to blog. Sorry y'all, bad me. I'll try to catch things up a bit.  The pants are done and I really enjoy them
The fashion fabric, a lightweight grey suiting from Joann's, was just a tad roomier than the muslin was but the fit is still good.  I love the deep pockets on these things.  Holds my phone and keys no problem.

The backside has the seaming going down the center of the back of the leg, the main feature about these pants I liked.  That turned out just right.   The waistband is narrow and comfortable but next time could stand about ¼-½ inch or so out of center back seam to prevent slight gaping when sitting.   The directions for the front fly went so smoothly they should go in my reference files. All in all, I'm really pleased and will probably make these up again.  Sorry again for slacking. :)

Next up ...the trio of tops.