Sunday, March 15, 2009

Real Thai

Bad Thai ------- Good Thai

Oh what a world of difference! Until last night, the "Bad Thai" was the only Thai I had ever eaten before. And that was only purchased to add interest to the camping menu!

Mr B. and I went to the new Thai restaurant , the only one in our rural part of the world. What a wonderous treat!

Mr B. had the Pad Thai noodles:
I had the Red Curry and Rice

I am madly in love with the subtle complexeties of flavoring. Each bite showers the palate with taste sensations: citrus, coconut, curry, chili, ginger, garlic, basils, sweet, spicy. The appetizers were delicate spring rolls and a lovely cucumber sauce that was Mama the Cook's own recipe. I could make a meal off that alone but then would deprive myself of the treat of gorging on all the other great stuff!
A return visit is a must. Granted, the budget won't allow for that kind of eating out often, so I may have to look for some coconut milk and recipes and start learning. Mmmmm practice is half the fun.

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