Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Singin' the Blues

Down on Bittersweet Lane we're singin' the blues--the college registration blues. Although this is not my daughter, the photo captures her spirit completely. She is so lost and confused. Child #3 forgot to pre-register last term and now must join the melee that is mass-registration tomorrow. It's her last semester at the local community college before transferring to the bigger, more expensive University. She knows what she wants to be--social worker/counselor--but is hating the process needed to get there. Enter the procrastination. Mr B and I encourage her to make her own decisions but this is our "independent clinging vine". Like a wisteria, she's strong, lovely, and blooms profusely--as long as she has a strong support. She knows the answers, she can do this process and has several times now. She just has to map those last few classes that she needs against what she's already completed. Yet last night were wails of help, despair and doubt escalating into frustration and snappish remarks. Growing up, taking responsibility, making decisions--it's a scary process but one we all face eventually. I think the blues will be playing softly here for a few more days.....

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