Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Loose Ends

I just wanted to wrap up those dangling loose ends with pictures of the finished products of Simplicity 2501 , the Maggie Blouse.

Here's the finished product. It's one of my favorite tops to wear, I might add.  My neckband has some wave in it so apparently it got stretched some in the construction process as it is cut on the bias.  The waistband and peplum are very figure flattering.  The pattern is one of Simplicity's choose-a-cup multi-size patterns so size adjustments are a breeze.  The only one I had left to do was a forward shoulder adjustment. Nice.
The only thing I was scared of were the ruched sleeved.  But Simplicity has easy directions for that as well.  I love how they came out above.  Kind of channeling the spirit of the forties. They have it marked on the pattern for you to mark on the sleeve where to place elastic then sew over with casing.  Their process was easy if you 're slow and careful.

The other top finished is Simplicity's 2975, the view B top.  This should have flown together pretty quick but I decided to embellish it and then ran completely out of sewing steam ( or steam for anything for that matter).  So once I got done with the mending, I figured I have needle in hand let's go.  It took 3 night of sewing while watching TV to finish it out:

See just a simple yoked smock top.
And there's the embellishment: a simple straight stitch embroidered with the awfullest gold thread to work with ever! and some cute little brass dangly thingies from Joann's. The mottled fabric was a bonus 1yd boo-boo Fabric.com sent with an order.   I fell madly in love it and had to use and found some red cotton to work with it.  I have a pale grey Vera Wang sweater that works with it, too, so I can get some use from it before it turns cold. 

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