Monday, April 15, 2013

New Look 6920 and Adventures in Brocade

After a long absence from from blogging but not sewing, I thought it was time to get in here again.  No time like at the beginning of a new project.  On the machine now is New :Look 6920.  I've had this pattern in the stash for years ( It's copywrited 2009.  Yikes!)  I bought it for the jacket, view D: hip-length, princess seams in the bodice, tie front and 3/4 sleeves.  It's time has finally come.

I'll be using this brocade:

I got it for this jacket (probably around 2009 or '10 also) so it's been ripening in fabric stash for a while.  I just love the play of the light on those blue, silver and gold geometric shapes. 
I've never worked in brocade before so this is a learning experience.

The jacket pattern is unlined but obviously I don't want to traipse around with fraying seams.  I doubt I have the ability to draft a lining for it; and it calls out for something more formal than serged seams.  So with the help of my trusty Vogue Sewing manual, I'm going to use organza Hong Kong seams.  Another new skill for me to learn.  I cut my strips tonight.  Tomorrow I start sewing.  Wish me luck.

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