Wednesday, May 1, 2013

New Pants; Vogue 2921

I haven't sewn any pants in probably close to 2 or more years.  Gained weight, lost confidence, lost weight, still no confidence.  The success of the jacket has inspired me to make a pair of slacks to go with it.  Added incentive is that I only have one skirt that goes with the jacket and I think with its length it would look better with pants.  So I bought the fabric, a medium grey suiting from Joann's with a nice weight and drape.  I already had the pattern from more confident days, Vogue 2921.

I can't link to it as it is now Out of Print.  (says how old my pattern stash is getting)

It's a Montana designer pattern.  I've got a couple of these but have not sewn any yet.  I just fell in love with this pattern for the seaming on the back of the legs.  The pattern is rated as advanced, which scared me more, but as I said the jacket has the mojo up so I'm striking while the mojo is good.
Not being a total fool looking for failure,and not knowing for sure what my "sewing size" is in pants, I decided to do my first muslin.  According to my measurements: waist 30, hips 38, I should have a size 16 waist and 14 hip.  It seemed years ago when I made my last pair of Vogue britches they ran quite a bit big.  So I made a straight 14, with a slight Full Butt Adjustment. (Cutting the back crotch a size 16 for more seat room and back to a 14 at the inseam.  I don't know if that's the proper way, but it works for me usually.)  I just tried them on and am thrilled with the fit!  Surprise!  No further adjustments needed.  I can start cutting real fabric this afternoon.  Yeah!

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  1. Well? How did the pants turn out? It's not every pair of pants that fits with so few adjustments. :)


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