Monday, January 10, 2011

I Got Some New Eye Candy!

I saw this lovely little book at Barnes and Noble several months ago and just couldn't bring myself to get it at that time. My wonderful Mom-in-Law got me a gift card for Joann's for Christmas. Yesterday was the first time I've had a chance to go in since before Christmas. (I know, it's a wonder I didn't go into some kind of withdrawal! ) I checked out Kenneth King's Cool Couture but after really looking at it decided it was probably still beyond my skill set. Then I saw this. I was so happy!
Granted I don't do a lot of hand sewing, but there are times I need it. It soothes me. This little book has several little projects ranging from the cute little tote on the front cover, to a laundry bag, to stockings and ornaments, a various house linens, slippers and garments. I know I'll be doing the stockings and ornaments for next Christmas for sure. The laundry bag intrigues me. Lord knows I need one! There are so many ideas in here. Not just the projects themselves, but I see them being the basis for embellishment on a skirt , or jacket, or blouse. So many ideas.
Now, before you think I'm just goofing off day dreaming with my book, I have been busy on the blouse. The bodice front and back are sewn together, seams serged. I've even had to do a slight sway back adjustment. The back was noticeably 1/2 to 3/4 inches longer than the front. That correction has been made and we're ready to begin with the waistband next sewing timeout, hopefully tomorrow evening.

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