Wednesday, January 5, 2011

It's All So Boring.....

It's all so boring but at least it's still sewing-related. So I'm still on track Since last I posted, I've still not been creatively productive, in that I still yet to put the first seam in the Simplicity blouse. All is not in vain, however. The tension has been reset on the sewing machine along with seam samples sewn. The serger has also been re-threaded, no small feat, as it has been a long time since I've done it and I'm still getting acquainted with it. The tensions on it were all screwy for such a silky fabric from the last project done on it in thick cotton so that in itself was a process!

My beloved son honored me with his mending, making my first official completed project for 2011 reattaching the elastic waistband on his boxers. They aren't in bad shape, in fact, nearly new. He merely pulled a thread he shouldn't have. Yes, the thread attaching boxer to elastic, leaving more than half the poor waistband dangling haplessly. Order and support have been restored to the kingdom.

Simplicity just released their new patterns and I have to admit I'm really disappointed in the offering. Everything seems a re-hash, re-release, or just plain boring. The only the that caught my eye was this little pretty:

Of course I have no red carpet event to wear it to, nor any special occasion I can even think of that would be appropriate for such a dress. But I am just mad about all that pleating at the bodice! The slightly trailing train is so glamorous, too. Who wouldn't feel like a movie star in a dress like this? It's so timeless yet modern.
Oh, well. Sigh. Back to the blouse and boxers for me, though.

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