Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

Typically, I don't believe in New Year's resolutions. I've always found that they reinforced my feelings of failure as I inevitably, like most people, fail to meet them, adhere to them, whatever. I flop out big time. Be it weight loss, be a better person, quit cussing, exercise more....yada, yada, yada. You know the spiel. By Febuary, March latest, its all dust and dreams and pint of ice cream in front of a chick flick on TV.

I don't know if it's an age thing, an ADD getting out of control thing, or life is just really confusingly busy thing but I just can'ts seam to focus on my sewing the way I want to. And I really want too! Time just seams to slip into weird little places. Laundry, dishes, and normal housework were always obstacles but were pretty manageable. I keep getting lost in books, movies, even stupid re-runs of re-runs. Worst culprit of all. I'm addicted to watching my son play Assassin's Creed. OMG. It's like watching a movie and getting to participate too! There are even puzzles I get to help the character solve. It is a blackhole for time wasteage and I can't seam to walk away.

Culpability is in order. I need structured and order to get the sewing back on track. Journaling it should be a huge help, as it was before. Some sewing-related activity for at least 15 minutes daily. Be it sewing, cutting, setting up the project, researching a process. Something related to the process of sewing will be accomplished daily. Checking outthe activity on Pattern Review again. I have a very large collection of patterns to work thru and a stash I no longer have room to add to. Further incentive to kick it in gear. I have all these great clothes in my head I need to get them in my closest!

To that purpose I have begun a project. Simplicity 2501:

I've had it in "my collection" for a long time. From one of Joann's $1.00 sales, I'm sure. It's one of those muli-cup patterns eliminating the need for an FBA.

I have cut out view D, like featured in the picture and am using this fabric:
also from one of Joann's sales. A polyester charmeuse of creamy white, tans, black, and purples.
I just love the colors in it. I have several disparate pieces in my wardrobe and was working last year on trying to tie them together. This will work nicely with the purple pencil skirt, black flaired skirt and tan gored skirt that I made last year trying to work in some neutrals and solids. I also have a pair of brown slacks and cream slacks.
So, I'm off to sew.... Happy sewing all

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